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Uma Kaleidoscopic Ring

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Our Uma ring will bring a beguiling Kaleidoscope of colours to your life! It is playful, sophisticated and ethical. We've used lab-grown topaz, emerald and ruby, which are more environmentally friendly than mining for their natural counterparts.

We love jewellery, but we love our planet more. So, we have designed our pieces to stay with you for the long haul. All our items include a two-year warranty, and we provide lifetime repairs after your warranty period for a small fee. 


Ring size:
Resizeable (Size K, 5/ 1/2 or 50mm and bigger)
Gemstones Combined length:
925 Sterling Silver, 18 Karat Gold, Cubic Zirconia and lab-grown Topaz, Emerald and Ruby



We are a small boutique jewellery brand, and our products are handmade in batches to fit customer demand. So, our delivery times are slightly longer (3-4 weeks). If you are ordering a Christmas gift, please order by the 17th of December if you are based in the UK. If you are based outside the UK, please email us at if you order a Christmas gift after 10th December.